Pizza Hut Malaysia gives its heart to rivals with 'cheesy' love notes

Pizza Hut Malaysia is getting extra cheesy this Valentine's Day by expressing its "love" for fellow competitors with its new heart-shaped pizza, Pizza Heart, and topping it off with an endearing note. This is part of its campaign to encourage Malaysians, whether friends or foes, to give love a chance.

For fellow pizza chain Domino's, locally nicknamed Domeeno, Pizza Hut wrote in the note: "Dear Domeeno, my lovely neighbour. Greeting from us at Pizza Heart. Specially made with love and no hard fillings!”

KFC's note was slightly more playful, saying: "Dear Kepci, I know you love pizza. But 'Chizza' is not Pizza. Here is a Pizza Heart with love from us. We belanje." KFC previously created the Chizza which combined fried chicken and pizza.

Pizza Hut also sent some love out to McDonald's with a warm message: "Dear Mekdi, your burgers are cool. But don't be a chiken ah. Give this new Pizza Heart a try. We heard Everyone's Lovin' It."

In its attempt to spread love in rivalry, Pizza Hut also sent its new offering and personalised "love" notes to A&W and Texas Chicken. CMO Jean Ler told A+M that the key challenge was to make Pizza Heart relevant and meaningful to consumers, instead of having it be just another pizza in a heart-shape that they can enjoy.

"We found and learnt that there is a lot of different perceptions around the significance of Valentine’s Day – why, who should be celebrating it and even if there should be a special day dedicated just for love. At Pizza Hut, we always strive to inspire Malaysians to living life passionately, through delightful and heart-warming pizza experiences," Ler said.

She explained that Pizza Hut believes Valentine’s Day should not be confined just to romantic gestures amongst couples, but a reminder that love is always around us – our family, friends and even foes, and that consumers should not be shy to express their feelings. This offers Pizza Hut a good space to inspire and encourage everyone to open up and express their love to anyone and everyone that they love.

"We have mad respect for our competitors and huge love towards our loyal fans. So we thought that it would be fun to share a 'Piz'za' our heart through the surprise delivery," she explained. Ler added that rather than settle for less, Pizza Hut aims to encourage consumers to open up and give love a chance with Pizza Heart. The new dish is available until 16 February or while stocks last.

Separately, Pizza Hut and Domino's also coupled up to deliver pizzas to the residents of Rumah Amal Murni Kajang in celebration of Kindness Month this February. The initiative is also in line with Domino's brand promise "It's All About You", which places Malaysian consumers first.

Last year, Domino's Pizza Singapore offered a box of pizza to Pizza Hut for Valentine’s Day with a message that read: "Things may be a little cold between us, but we want to fix it. Here’s a little something to warm your Valentine’s Day."

The caption for the post read, “Hey Pizza Hut, we both eat pizza, live pizza and breathe pizza, so we obviously love pizzas!  From one pizza lover to another, here’s a gift from the bottom of our hearts ?”.

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