Pinterest fights breast cancer

P.INK is a new, non-profit organisation aims to raise awareness for breast cancer, and so far, it only shows its face on Pinterest. How? Through linking survivors to a particular type of art: tattoos.

An acronym for Personal Ink, P.INK promotes the idea of tattoo art as a healing solution for mastectomy patients, many of whom are left with post-surgery scars or without nipples.

Created by CP+B, the organisation is manifested into a Pinterest board filled with design inspiration, recommended tattoo artists, survivor stories and particularly, a story of a breast cancer survivor, Molly Ortwein, who undergoes a seven-hour chest tattoo – and basically all types of support for women who are trying to adapt to their post-op self.

“Tattoos can help the healing process if you’ve gone through a cancer or a surgery or had a accident. Sometimes putting a tattoo in that spot can help you move forward, either forget or make it a more beautiful thing,” said tattoo artist Colby Butler in a video for P.INK.

“There were not resources for women with breast cancer wanting to do reconstruction and who want to do something completely different,” added Ortwein. “Personal Ink brings together breast cancer survivors doing reconstruction and tattoo artists who have something to give.”

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