Philips sheds a new light on Romeo and Juliet

Philips is introducing a theatrical play directed by light’.  47 Philips Hue lights were used in the set design, and along with the Hue App, lighting controls for the genre of romance, drama and thrill were handed over to the audience. The collaboration between creative agency iris Singapore, director Jasmin Tarasin, a cast of improv actors, and the audience created a modern adaptation of the Shakespearean classic Romeo and Juliet in a whole different light.

As the improv actors reacted according to the moods created, the audience was even able to pick an alternative ending.  In addition to creating a world first, and putting the actors through their paces with some live improvisation, Philips Hue is on a mission to convince people of the power of connected lighting at home.

Ed Cheong, executive creative director of iris Singapore, said, “It was a real challenge to pull off a live theatrical play directed by light. But anything less wouldn’t do justice to the amazing Philips Hue bulbs. Credit goes to Jasmin and her ambitious team of improv actors and set designers.”

Sam Dearden, consumer marketing manager for Philips Lighting Australia, said, “Putting the mood of an entire production into the hands of a live audience, allowing them to control the tone entirely through smart connected light has given us the opportunity to show the connection between lighting and overall lifestyle.

“With the new technology that is available with Hue there is more to lighting than people realise. We’ve loved creating a world-first experience, using a timeless classic, Romeo & Juliet, to show how integral lighting is to our lifestyle and our emotions - perfectly captured by the reactions of the live audience, ” added Dearden.