Philips innovates based on consumer concerns

Royal Philips Electronics has launched the ‘+' project that aims to find health and well-being challenges that impact Singaporeans.

The ‘+' project seeks to engage communities online and gather information on personal health and well being issues.

Created by digital agency Tribal DDB, the online campaign encourages Singaporeans to vote on five different ideas developed by Philips to improve the quality of life. The themes presented range from healthy living, access to healthcare and livable cities.

The most voted idea will see Philips investing up to US$50,000 on the project.

The campaign is slated to run until the end of November and covers markets such as Indonesia and Thailand apart from Singapore.

The campaign also hopes to cover other ASEAN countries and Australia, New Zealand and Korea.

"We believe that to fundamentally improve the quality of people's lives, we need to first listen to the challenges people face. And then team up with community and stakeholders to bring to the market meaningful solutions," Harjit Gill, chief executive officer of Philips ASEAN & Pacific and Chairman of Philips Singapore, said.

"We welcome private sector initiatives that reinforce the People's Association (PA) Active Ageing Council's efforts to promote active ageing and healthy living among Singaporeans through the national Wellness Programme," Tan Yong Seng, PBM, chairman, PA Active Ageing Council said.