Philippine non-profits to get exclusive domain .NGO

The Public Interest Registry (PIR), the US-based non-profit that operates the .org domain, will be launching the exclusive domain extensions .ngo and .ong in the Philippines to help non-government organizations (NGOs) establish credibility and visibility online.

“The Internet is already a powerful tool for NGOs, allowing them to interact with the world and to connect with and secure new supporters and potential donors,” says PIR board member Ingrid Srinath. “We are now talking to the NGO community in many countries to better understand their needs and to explain the new domain.”

Srinath, together with PIR’s international advisor, Nick Thorne, will be visiting Manila this Tuesday, 19 August, for the launch. The execs will also discuss the changing structure of the Internet and how Filipino NGOs can qualify.

At present, NGOs globally use the .org domain, the world’s third largest behind .com and .net, with over 10.4 million websites registered since 1985. However, the domain have not allowed these organizations to differentiate themselves effectively since personal websites and for-profit corporations can register under it as well.

The .ngo and .ong domains will be exclusively for validated genuine NGOs to help distinguish themselves within the crowded Web, raise funds, rally supporters, find partners and ultimately advancing a cause. The .ong domain is the .ngo equivalent for so-called Romance languages such as Spanish, French and Portuguese.

To date, the global NGO community is estimated to have 6.7 million associations.

Beyond the validation, domain holders will have their organizations included in an exclusive, searchable directory, which includes a customizable online profile for their organization. With the .ngo database, organizations will be able to easily find potential partners and interact with like-minded groups while also helping donors to find and contribute to reputable organizations.