PHD Malaysia launches lecture series to target young talent

Media agency PHD Malaysia has partnered with Taylor’s University School of Communication to launch a lecture series on the media industry.

Various senior PHD staffer conducted the multi-part lecture to introduce various careers available in the media industry. The range of topics includes insights and research in media, paid media and how they work in Malaysia, digital and data-driven marketing.

In tune with its namesake, The Game Change Academy aims to be a game-changing programme to spot, identify and develop future game-changers in media.

PHD, together with industry partners, will provide training through the Professional Media Workshops sessions, which will be conducted by media practitioners on a voluntary basis, for students of the Bachelor of Mass Communication programs majoring in Marketing as well as Public Relations and Event Management

According to Jimmy Lim (pictured), general manager of PHD Malaysia, The Game Change Academy is one of the firsts in the market collaboration between a global media network and an institution of higher education in Malaysia.

It was developed to provide practical industry training to communication students in order to prepare the students for eventual careers in the media industry, he said.

The Game Change Academy aims to allow students to understand the media industry holistically, over the course of their degree programme.

In addition, one of the programme’s main goals was to provide PHD and industry partners to groom potential students while they are in transition in university.

Lim added, “At PHD, we believe that looking into the future will make us think differently about today. Our industry is facing a severe talent crunch and we cannot continue to do the same things over and over again today, not even tomorrow. The talent supply is finite and very soon in the not too distant future, we will find the media planner an extinct species.”

“With our game changing culture of finding a better way, we hope the lecture series will help us spot and develop talent for our future growth plans,” Lim said.

At the recent A&M Marketing Excellence Awards, PHD Malaysia clinched 10 medals, winning 4 Golds, 2 Silvers and 4 Bronzes.

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