Peugeot cruises to a new campaign

In conjunction with the ‘Let Your Body Drive' global campaign, Peugeot has launched the ‘Let Your Body Drive Tour' following the launch of its new 208 model.

The campaign aims to increase Facebook fan base, drive traffic to showrooms and ultimately increase sales for the new 208 model.

The one-month campaign started in March 2013 prior to the launch and primarily targets audiences from 18 to 25 years old.

The tour showcases the car to the youth and at the same time collect testimonials of the car to be produced in a series of promo ads.

"We have carried out cruiser campaigns before but the previous campaigns were geared towards building more brand awareness and not targeted specifically on one model," said Dennis Michael, senior marketing manager, marketing and communications of Nasim, the official distributor of Peugeot brand in Malaysia.

Besides going on-ground, the campaign comprises advertisements on print, radio, digital media, social media and via the Peugeot 208 Let Your Body Drive mini set.

The mini website was created for visitors to know more about the features and information of the model.

The pre-launch activities started off with a Facebook contest from 18 March until 7 April 2013. Fans were required to submit a creative photo that depicts the ‘Let Your Body Drive' theme along with a caption.

From 30 to 31 March and 6 and 7 April, three ‘208 Cruisers' were at selected hotspots in Kuala Lumpur. At each location, public who became a fan of the official Facebook page received special gifts.

Peugeot targets an increase of 10,000 Facebook "likes" during the course of the campaign and it managed to achieve 20,000 "likes" which exceeded its initial target.

For this campaign, Hunter Strategic Communications managed its creative.