Petronas taps into Malaysian’s petrol woes

Malaysians have been emptying out their pockets this year with the newly introduced GST and petrol hike. So how is the petroleum brand responding to the plight of their consumers?

Petronas has launched #Like2savefor campaign with the objective to educate its target audience on how to drive in a more fuel efficient manner, thus saving money.

“The campaign is not only an initiative to educate consumers on the benefits of economical driving, but also to drive home the fact that PRIMAX is actually a superior petrol that contains advanced technology that gives better fuel economy,” a representative from Petronas tells A+M.

The thematic campaign was conceptualised by Leo Burnett, calling to action for fans to share what they would rather be spending their petrol cash on via hashtag #Like2savefor.

The first two modules Fuelled by Fans and Laughing Gas utilise digital and station outlets as the main engagement touch points.

Celebrities travel around Malaysia Fuelled by Fans, powered by PRIMAX

To differentiate PRIMAX from other petrol brands, Petronas launched Fuelled by Fans, a contest that utilises five celebrity ambassadors  – namely Shaheizy Sam, DJ Yoon, Bii, Maya Karin and Him Law – to attract fans. Along with cash incentives and other prizes, fans will have a chance to score a road trip around Malaysia with one of the listed celebrities.

The road trip will kick off in December, after the selection of winners and auditions. educates with Laughing Gas, a car buying research site, has also gotten in the game with Petronas. The research site has launched a five part websiode series hosted by Daphne Iking, featuring Razif Hashim and singer Vince Chong. The series are aimed to educate consumers about fuel efficiency and driving green.

Laughing Gas premiers on 25 November exclusively on, a subsidiary of iCar Asia.

ZenithOptimedia is the media agency in charge of #Like2savefor.


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