PETRONAS highlights importance of cherishing elders in heartfelt 'Thanggam' film

PETRONAS is celebrating Deepavali with a heartwarming film titled "Thanggam" (My Precious) featuring a Millennial named Kumar and his grandmother, also known as paati in Tamil. The new spot is also in line with the central theme of “Anugerah Kita” (Our blessings) developed by PETRONAS.

Kumar experiences a cultural shock when he is sent to live with his paati during the school holidays and is unable to effectively communicate with her as she only speaks Tamil, while he only understands English and Bahasa Melayu. As such, Kumar initially found it frustrating to live with his paati, until one night when she managed to resolve an argument between a pregnant lady and her husband.

From then on, he saw his paati in a different light. Not only was she his grandmother, she was also the boss lady and backbone of the village, and the grandmother of everyone in the community. Done in partnership with IPG Mediabrands, the film is available on Facebook and YouTube, and will be aired on TV.

Separately, PETRONAS' brand film for Malaysia Day "Uni" also revolved around the central theme of "Anugerah Kita", tackling the struggles and uncertainties faced by an emotionally overwhelmed university student far away from home.

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