Pernod Ricard brings "New Elegance" movement to China

Pernod Ricard’s Martell Noblige is celebrating four years of bringing what it calls the "New Elegance" movement to China.

Created by TBWA\Shanghai in 2010, the campaign aims to galvanize contemporary Chinese men to embark on a journey of self-discovery leading them to achieve success beyond money and status.

At the core of the movement are key social influencers called the ‘Dang Dai Ming Shi’ (当代名士), who are recruited each year to expand the social impact and inspire audiences with the elegant way of life.

In May, Martell Noblige hosted a grand, thematic event in Beijing to celebrate the four-year anniversary and the fourth installment of Martell’s social platform, which brings the contemporary noblemen together to celebrate the milestone.

‘Dang Dai Ming Shi Golden Era’, series of micro-films, were also revealed. The first collaboration, called ‘The Golden Era’, featured Golden Horse Winner, Ann Hui, and was developed by screenwriter, Qiang Li.

The micro-films include the lead actors from ‘Golden Era’ movie: Shaofeng Feng, Lei Hao, Qianyuan Wang, Yuan Tian, Xuan Huang and Yawen Zhu, and also feature music composer, Yadong Zhang and pioneering menswear designer, Chi Zhang.

The eight celebrities show the spirit of contemporary elite and make a statement on ‘individual golden eras’ that resonate with contemporary Chinese noblemen.

Hao Lei:

Huang Xuan:

Zhu Yawen:

Tian Yuan:

Feng Shaofeng

Wang Qianyuan

Liya Zhang, Martell brand director at Pernod Ricard China, commented: “It’s very impactful for brands to latch onto a long-term social movement. Martell Noblige has become an aspirational brand that represents a spirit.”

“Creating an emotional connection with target consumers to spread the message through disruptive media and collaboration has given Martell Noblige an edge over its competitors.”

Muriel Lechaczynski, brand team leader at TBWA\Shanghai, said: “The ‘New Elegance’ movement has generated incredible momentum and exposure through the integration of social events, the on-line community, serial films and television, as well as outdoor and print advertisements. We are incredibly proud of Pernod Ricard China’s commitment to big creative ideas.”

Project Name: Martell Noblige ‘New Elegance Movement’ 2014
Creative Agency: TBWA\Shanghai
Client: Pernod Ricard China
Managing Director: Brian Swords
Brand Team Leader: Muriel Lechaczynski
Account Director: Kelly Gao
Account Executive: Fiona Huang
Group Creative Director: Patrick Tom
Creative Director: Eliza Wong
Associate Creative Director: Arthur Wong
Art Director: Sasha Zhang
Strategist: Benjamin Chen
Film Entertainment Company: Brain Media
Event Agency: K2
Media Agency: Carat
Digital Agency: Nurun
Territories: Mainland China