PER-FECTIV Vietnam: The right brand positioning for sustained growth

This post is sponsored by PER-FECTIV Vietnam.

According to Dr Philip Kotler – the father of modern marketing – the term brand positioning is defined as “the act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market”.

In other words, brand positioning describes how a company or a brand differentiates itself from competitors and stays in the mind of the customers. Therefore, an effective and strong brand positioning strategy will be a powerful tool for a company’s success. It helps to drive the growth and build business resilience to endure shifts in the market.

In the context of the marketing and advertising industry in Vietnam with such constant changes in terms of technology, the tough competition among innumerable agencies offering a variety of marketing services from ATL (including creative, digital, PR, etc) to BTL (activation, event, etc), the competitive advantage entirely leans towards multinational advertising corporations with strong support from parent companies abroad.

The question of the right brand positioning for sustained growth is always the big concern for Tran Lam, founder and CEO of PER-FECTIV Vietnam (PER-FECTIV).

This new experiential marketing agency has just over four years of experience, but has enjoyed strong growth with revenue doubling annually. Let’s talk to Lam to find out the answer of the positioning strategy of PER-FECTIV.

First of all, could you please tell us some things about the establishment of PER-FECTIV Vietnam?

The many years of holding important positions in reputable international and local agencies with all the passion and enthusiasm of youth, especially the period of time with Dentsu Vietnam, shaped my style of work and leadership. It was the essential stepping stone for the formation and development of PER-FECTIV today.

From zero in 2015, I am proud that PER-FECTIV is now a strongly growing experiential marketing agency in Vietnam with an impressive annual growth rate of over 200%; a workforce of up to 50 to 60 talented people; and an outstanding service portfolio covering most needs and requirements of experiential marketing at the highest level of creativity, innovation and effectiveness.

You say that you always thought about the positioning and direction of PER-FECTIV during its establishment and development. How did it happen?

Actually, in the early days of PER-FECTIV, my major concern was how a totally brand new agency like PER-FECTIV without a stable customer base could survive in such a competitive market.

Fortunately, our first customer was a famous brand in the lubricant industry, and despite much doubt, they ultimately still trusted us and gave us an invaluable opportunity to carry out one of their most important events – launching the flagship lubricant product line designed especially for luxury racing cars in the Vietnam market.

Thanks to that first landmark event, we shaped PER-FECTIV as a BTL agency specialising in premium, classy events, focusing on excellent customer services.

From 2016 to 2017, we concentrated on both extending and measuring the market’s needs. Based on what was built from the beginning, PER-FECTIV started penetrating into the trade marketing area with strategic clients from the FMCG and beverage and alcohol sectors. This was really the period of both doing business and changing for the better; every day to me was a valuable lesson about the art of business and leadership.

The next period was the time for stabilising the company structure, human resource and operation processes, as well as building a corporate culture to create a stable and effective system, all of which gradually has asserted the position and advantages of PER-FECTIV in the highly competitive agency market.

In the role of founder and CEO of PER-FECTIV, every day working at, and for PER-FECTIV, I think more and more about the position and development direction of PER-FECTIV in the future with the same questions: “Who is PER-FECTIV in the competitive agency market?”; “What is our development direction in the near and long-term future?”; “What are the competitive advantages of PER-FECTIV?”, etc.

And the result is …?

Well, up to now, I am confident that we have the right positioning for PER-FECTIV, and a clear direction for the long-term development as well.

The current brand positioning statement of PER-FECTIV is “Creative experiential marketing agency”. This tag line gives us a clear definition of our service providing to our customers as well as the competency of PER-FECTIV compared with our direct competitors.

First of all, positioning PER-FECTIV as an experiential marketing agency, we affirm our position in the agency market as well as the development direction in the future.

PER-FECTIV nowadays is not only a BTL agency, organising events, executing activation programmes according to clients’ orders, but we have also turned into a much higher level, focusing on the needs of clients to craft our services and create extraordinary creative and marketing experiences to connect to the world and the brand target audiences.

We combine events, exhibitions and trade marketing activities organised by PER-FECTIV with creative solutions and the latest technology solutions to provide the best and the most effective services to our clients.

On the other side of positioning, we differentiate ourselves from competitors. It is “creativity” – the lifeblood of PER-FECTIV.

With a strong creative team, unique processes and mindsets, we can take prompt action on many projects at any scale at the same time, and deliver all aspects of graphic design, 3D design, visual effects and video creation with the same level of creativity, attention and thought.

At the end, Lam reaffirms the importance and critical role of the right brand positioning for the sustained growth of enterprises in general, and of PER-FECTIV in particular. It is definitely a clear guideline for an effective and successful operation of a whole business system.

Additionally, she stressed that apart from brand positioning, to ensure success and sustained growth, PER-FECTIV has also built up a core value system completely different from competitors with five factors: fearless spirit, inspiration, collaboration, honesty, and commitment.

According to Lam, if creativity is the lifeblood, core values are PER-FECTIV’s DNA which makes the company really different from the rest of the marketing world, where they express what they believe, how they behave, and ultimately, deliver on their promise.