Pepsi’s CNY spot grabbed 71m views in a day

Riding on its 2012 Chinese New Year campaign, Pepsi has yet again partnered up with online video platforms Youku and Tudou for this year’s star-studded debut of web-movie, Bring Love Home.

Currently, the video has caught more than 71 million eyeballs, 92,000 comments and 17 million forwards.

Unveiled yesterday afternoon, the 30-minute clip tells of a survival and cooperation story among a group of bus passengers and two conmen who make money from selling Pepsi products at outrageous prices in barren areas.

Through the journey, they realise the value of each other’s company, love, brotherhood and the importance of home.

"The Pepsi campaign is a perfect example of the kind of branding communications that we excel at," said Dong Yawei, senior vice president of Youku Tudou. "We understand the Chinese audience and consistently deliver content that strikes a chord.”

“With Youku and Tudou joining fully inter-connected, our ability to deliver commercially effective and socially affecting campaigns is huge, and only increasing," he said.

The micro-movie comes with the debut of a user-submitted video contest, lottery and mini-clips of celebrities’ music videos featuring lyrics about home.

Aside from these two platforms, Pepsi has also launched the clip on Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo and Taobao.