PCCW Global and Frequentis collaborate on SaaS SWIM tech for aviation industry

Telecommunications service provider PCCW Global and safety communication and information solutions supplier Frequentis have joined forces to launch the first software-as-a-service (SaaS) tech for the Common Aeronautical Virtual Private Network (CRV), serving the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) APAC and Middle East regions.

Designed to benefit to APAC and Middle Eastern aviation stakeholders, the collaboration unites PCCW Global's network infrastructure with Frequentis' knowledge and experience in developing applications for the aviation industry. Utilising the System Wide Information Management (SWIM) infrastructure, air navigation service providers can benefit without the high costs and expenses of developing using traditional systems.

It's a world-first for the aviation industry, and will allow members of the ICAO to exchange data more efficiently and quickly using an advanced and high-speed common infrastructure technology. Benefits include a secure and stable platform for CRV users, scalable and flexible managed services, infrastructure based on a cost-effective OPEX model, and support for aviation specific connections and open interfaces.

“Frequentis is pleased to collaborate with PCCW Global to provide multinational SWIM infrastructure and services in the ICAO APAC and Middle East regions. ANSPs in the regions have been proactive to adopt the SWIM principles and technologies and provide a vital drive in the global migration to SWIM. Traditionally, air navigation service providers have invested in on-site deployment but with this new private cloud infrastructure they are offered an alternative solution by being able to procure SWIM as a service and move from a CAPEX to OPEX model," said John Fort, CEO of Frequentis California.

 "We are proud to be collaborating with Frequentis to fully utilise the capabilities of the CRV network and jointly develop the first private cloud-based SWIM platform with ICAO Meteorological Information Exchange Model Translation and Exchange Services for the aviation industry. It is evident that the industry needs cost-effective, secure and innovative solutions to enhance operations and services. PCCW Global is ready to meet these demands by providing a growing suite of aviation-specific solutions for ICAO member states," added Raymond Luk, vice president of global presales, strategic account management and technology engagement, PCCW Global.