PayMe launches #better2gether campaign to celebrate its rapid expansion

HSBC's PayMe has launched a campaign thanking its customers in light of the money transfer service amassing more than two million users and thousands of merchants in Hong Kong.

Starting from this week, PayMe users can interact with the #better2gether campaign to win prizes. To join in, users need to send HK$2 to a friend or a family member, adding the #better2gether hashtag in the payment message. HSBC will then randomly select 200 winners and offer them a special gift.

The campaign is aimed at expressing thanks to customers for choosing the platform. Kerry Wong, managing director and head of PayMe at HSBC, said, “I would particularly like to thank customers who have shared their feedback with us, allowing us to improve the service and find ways to incorporate new features that serve their needs better, making PayMe best in class. Hong Kong is built on the foundations of community and business, and we at HSBC are committed to helping bring people together and enabling business to grow.”

HSBC has revealed that since March 2019, PayMe for Business has amassed thousands of merchants – including PCCW’s NOW E, HKTVmall, and local eCommerce platforms like Shopline, and Boutir – and become the market leader for three consecutive years with a 70% market share by peer-to-peer value.  Furthermore, driven by the accelerated adoption of digital platforms, in Q1 2020 PayMe for Business also observed growth in transaction volume, doubling the average monthly volume of the previous quarter.

"The success of this product shows how technically competent our customers are and how willing they are to adopt new payment methods. We are committed to continuing our investment and maintaining our leadership position. We are determined to make the customer experience simpler and faster," said Diana Cesar, chief executive of Hong Kong at HSBC.

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