SG50 Special: Iconic ads from the past (part 3)

Our last leg of the SG50 Special highlights another round of ads to celebrate the nation’s creativity. These are indeed a blast from the past.

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Campaign: SIA Singapore Girl.


Client: Singapore Airlines.
Story: The Singapore Girl has held a pivotal role in SIA’s marketing and advertising campaigns since Singapore Airlines was formed. She is perennial, appeals to both the young and old, and holds a strong emotional connection to our customers around the world. The objective of the campaign was to introduce and impress upon how she epitomises Singapore Airlines’ tradition of friendly service and warm Asian hospitality.

Agency: Batey (now acquired by Grey).

Year: Early 1970s.

Campaign: Various campaigns for SIA from 1980-1990.

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Client: Singapore Airlines.
Story: Batey (now acquired by Grey) helped Singapore Airlines advertise its offerings featuring the iconic Singapore Girl(s).
Agency: Batey (now acquired by Grey).
Year: 1980-1990.

Campaign: Life Story.


Client: OAC Insurance.
Story: To brand OAC, Singapore’s oldest local insurance company, as the insurer that truly understands the needs of Singaporeans. This TVC won that year’s viewer’s choice for most popular TVC with over 450,000 votes from the public and started the nostalgia craze at least one to two years before the launch of TV series Growing Up and Jack Neo’s Home Run.

Agency: Monsoon.
Year: 1994.

Campaign: Piggy Bank.

Client: National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG).
Story: This spot highlighted the ills of problem gambling and what it could do to your family and loved ones.
Agency: Y&R.
Year: 2009.

Campaign: Your Time Has Come.

Client: Mercedes-Benz (Cycle & Carriage).
Story: To brand Mercedes-Benz as the luxury car that best exemplifies the success of Singaporeans and their journey to attaining it.
Agency: Monsoon.
Year: 1995.

Campaign: Kick the Habit.

Client: National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG).
Story: When a problem gambler loses, he thinks that his next bet will be the lucky one and when he wins, he believes that he’s on a winning streak and shouldn’t stop. With this insight, this spot which ran during the World Cup finals highlights the pain and anguish their families have to endure because of their addiction in the hope that they will curb their activities.

Agency: Goodfellas.
Year: 2014.

Campaign: Our Nation, Our Success.

Client: Prime Minister's Office.
Story: Launched in time for National Day, it was a propaganda piece to help Singaporeans to identify with our journey and challenges to success. This was the first time that the clip of LKY explaining the Separation was ever used in a TVC. Permission was quite easily obtained as the approving client was DPM Lee Hsien Loong.
Agency: Monsoon.
Year: 1996.

Campaign: STCars Anti-Drink Drive Campaign.

Client: STCars/Traffic Police.
Story: This public service ad was chosen by the World Economic Forum as an example of “creative for good”. Its purpose was to persuade motorists not to drive when they planned to drink, since they will tend to drive their cars home after drinking.

Agency: Goodfellas.
Year: 2013.

Campaign: DBS. Life is Beautiful.

Client: DBS Bank.
Story: The campaign set out to re-establish DBS as the aspirational regional bank – capturing the post Millennium zeitgeist with a positive assertion that people in Asia can achieve anything because this was their time and, as such, with the right bank behind you, life should be beautiful.

Agency: TBWA Singapore.
Year: 2007.