[WATCH] Pakho Chau and Phil Lam star as celebrity store managers

To promote its newly relocated store in Mong Kok, Sony has teamed up with singer Phil Lam (林奕匡) and Pakho Chau (周柏豪) to fill in as special store managers for one day to surprise and interact with customers.

The brand has introduced the "Sony X-Store Manager" series (特種店長玩轉Sony Store系列), inviting stars to be the special store manager, aiming to surprise customers who are being served by them. Videos were captured to create viral among the fans and netizens.

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Singer song-writer Phil Lam was the first special store manager, he took time to sell electronic products and deliver customer service in Mong Kok's Sony Store. Sony said it has received a good response from the activity, the video has reached over 463,000 organic views and 850 shares.


Singer and artist, Pakho Chau, was the second store manager and his video has garnered over 82,000 views and more than 1,000 likes since it has posted on Monday. 

The video, directed by anchor-turned-director Ryan Lau (柳俊江), was produced by Lauyeah Production.

“We chose this experimental event to engage customers at the newly opened Sony Store Mongkok (SSMK) because we want to test what kind of chemistry can be generated between Sony and customers,” said Simois Ng, head of marketing communications, Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd.

“We hope to create the SSMK as a platform to host different kinds of fun activities to connect customers with a unique experience. Coming up, SSMK will have a cosplay competition for gamers this month. A famous game KOL will be invited to be the third 'X-Store Manager'. Please stay tuned.” she added.