Optical 88 keeps an eye on you with new campaign

Optical 88 has teamed up with Metta Communications for the first time for a new branding initiative to add a pinch of playful professionalism to the 26-year-old company, spotlighting a bear mascot “88 Bear”.

Spanning online, outdoor and print, the ad comprises seven videos on social media and a dedicated campaign mini-site to raise awareness of the importance of regular eye examinations, as well as to tout its new hearing test service launched last year.

Three viral videos concerning eye tests and myopia control have been released with four more to come in the coming months.

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To maintain its 25% market share in Hong Kong, Optical 88 has to keep up its professional image without being boring. This digital-led branding initiative is to breathe new life into the brand image, as Iris Leung, marketing manager at Optical 88, told Marketing.

“The awareness of eye examinations in Hong Kong is low and most people in Hong Kong simply don’t have this habit. Lack of eye examinations could increase the risk of visual problems which tend to be less obvious.”

Media buy is being handled by the in-house Optical 88 marketing team.