OPPO launches first TVC post VaynerMedia appointment across 9 APAC markets

Smartphone brand OPPO has unveiled a new regional campaign titled “The OPPO Joy-Full Sale”.  The campaign comes as OPPO looks to promote its upcoming sale that will take place throughout its APAC markets, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Running from now until the end of December, the campaign is fronted with a minute-long television commercial (TVC). The video features a young boy who looks forward to participating in a dance battle, which he later found to be cancelled, much to his disappointment. His younger brother, along with his parents, then re-created the dance battle at home using OPPO products, fulfilling the boy’s wish to dance.

Apart from the film, OPPO will be rolling out a support plan featuring teaser videos and digital conversation starters in the form of GIF posts with questions. These additional collaterals are aimed to tease the audience and drive hype towards the sale. OPPO’s campaign is done in collaboration with VaynerMedia APAC, which was appointed for SEA duties earlier in May.

In a conversation with MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, Avery Akkineni, head of VaynerMedia, APAC, said the campaign looks capture the joy people feel and experience when they use OPPO products. She added that the agency didn’t want to just create another product TVC for OPPO’s upcoming sale. It wanted to offer something memorable and emotional, and convey the kind of feeling a sale wouldn’t normally give consumers.

“The campaign has been very specifically tailored to not be hard-sell and commerce-focused, but instead we bring an emotional angle to the forefront of our communications,” Akkineni added.

To promote the campaign, OPPO APAC will be developing a tailored marketing plan that resonates trends for each of its market. For example, The Philippines market is linking its marketing efforts to Christmas, tying it in with a user-generated content contest. Meanwhile, Indonesia’s campaign taps on the lack-of-travel discussion topic by creating conversation around how OPPO products can allow consumers to feel like they can do so much, such as taking travel-quality photos, even when they are unable to travel.

The campaign also takes on a positive note as OPPO looks to shine some light on what has been a very challenging year for everybody.

Bhaskar Thakur, marketing strategy director, APAC at OPPO, said: “Our effort is to tell people that there is always a way to find joy and create moments which can be cherished. At OPPO, it is our constant endeavour to humanise technology and in a year which has been challenging for everyone, with this campaign, we want to ensure that people find new ways to express themselves while finding joy in something they truly enjoy.”

VJ Anand, head of creative, VaynerMedia APAC, added that with this film, it wanted to remind people that they can still make joyful moments happen, even though things get cancelled or don’t go according to plan. “It’s a really important message right now, with everything that’s going on, and we hope to be able to tell many more inspiring stories like this one,” he added.

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