Opera Mediaworks rebrands itself to AdColony

Opera Mediaworks has rebranded to AdColony, in a bid to unify the brand, performance and publishing business under a single name.

AdColony is the mobile video ad platform that the parent company Opera ASA acquired in 2014 and has been a major revenue driver for the Opera Mediaworks business. The name change will become effective January 2017, and the company will continue to stay independent, with the corporate entity listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under Opera ASA. The rebrand will not bring any changes to the company’s customers and partners.

According to the company, the move was one which “felt natural” in order to turn to that established name and continue the momentum and reputation the brand already had in the mobile ecosystem. The change was also due to the recent acquisition of Opera ASA’s namesake consumer browser by a Chinese consortium of companies.

As part of the deal, acquirers are retaining the “Opera” name and brand, which required a shift away from the name “Opera Mediaworks,” which is a fully-owned subsidiary of Opera ASA.

Although the former AdColony business was mainly associated with mobile video advertising, the new AdColony in 2017 will encompass all areas of the former Opera Mediaworks and AdColony business, including rich media/display, streaming video, Instant-Play video, and all associated technologies and ad formats across our programmatic marketplace.

“We are passionate about brand experiences that evoke emotion and drive real outcomes by combining both creativity with the next generation of advertising technologies like data science-driven automation and Artificial Intelligence. We look forward to building the AdColony brand around this positioning and hope to help elevate the state of mobile advertising,” CEO Will Kassoy, said.

“This rebrand is an opportunity for us to define who we are, what we do and what role we play in the industry. AdColony’s strong positioning around best-in-class mobile and video technology will elevate our presence and relevance already strong position in the mobile advertising industry,” managing director for Asia, Vikas Gulati (pictured), said.

“We continue to expand our reach in this region, invest in building dynamic, local market teams and by constantly innovating, using the latest technology and offering the highest quality advertising experiences to deliver even better results for brands, agencies and publisher partners,” he added.

The company plans to launch a new, refreshed website in 2017 which will reflect the new, unified offerings of the global mobile ad platform and the combined businesses as part of the corporate rebranding.