Online star dances for Visa

Visa has tapped one of YouTube's most enduring stars Matt Harding to dance his way around Asia for its latest promotion.

The commercial made its Asia Pacific debut in Hong Kong in late November and will air across eight countries in the region over the next month.

Harding, who turned his quirky video diaries into a global marketing colossus features in the two commercials showing his signature "travel happy" dancing and manages to persuade everyone from cruise operators, hotel and restaurant staff, tour guides and taxi drivers to perform their own rendition of his dance.

Harding has also been hired to appear in several travel agency ads and was hired by Google to create a Google Earth map of his favourite dancing locations. Harding has also appeared on hundreds of talk shows around the world including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Jimmy Kimmel show and The Tyra Banks Show.

BBDO was responsible for the campaign and will launch the next phase this month.