Online KOL boosts Chinese beauty sales

Over 40% of chinese colour cosmetics users are influenced by celebrity and online beauty KOL to buy products, according to new research.

The latest research from Mintel, market analyst, found that 41% of Chinese colour cosmetics users are influenced by celebrity beauty bloggers and vloggers to buy products. While 66% of the U.K. women aged 16-24 say it’s easy to learn new beauty techniques from the internet.

Charlotte Libby, Mintel’s Global Colour Cosmetics Analyst, believed the soaring number of makeup tutorial videos available has created a generation of makeup users who are confident and experimental with makeup.

She also said, “the success of influencers has shown that people buy the personality, and not simply the products. It has become more important for brands to have a personality, to showcase their founders, and tell their story to be relatable for consumers. Social media gives brands a way to give customers behind-the-scenes access to their culture.”

“Looking good” is a big business in Asian markets. Japan (US$ 6.4 billion), China (US$ 5.1 billion) and South Korea (US$ 2.2 billion)are forecasted to be in the top five colour cosmetics markets across the globe in 2018, stated Mintel. While the US (US$ 12.1 billion) and the UK (US$ 2.7 billion)are also in the top five list.  

The research also found that 67% of Chinese women want to minimise makeup steps. “As consumer demand for makeup with skincare benefits increases, there is more opportunity for brands to develop hybridisation between categories.” said Libby.