Omnicom Media Group brings Atlas to APAC

Omnicom Media Group Asia Pacific has activated its in-market partnership with Atlas, in bringing audience-first programmatic capabilities to Asia Pacific.

In a press statement, Omnicom Media Group said effective targeting across devices is an ongoing challenge as consumers use multiple devices to access information. Under the partnership, both sides will jointly develop integrations that will enable Omnicom Media Group clients to utilise people-based targeting capabilities in a more automated way.

“Clients have faced silos of success in digital media for years without being able to solve issues in cross-platform or cross-device harmony […] Bridging devices and behaviours (and online to offline) without relying on cookies, will super-charge our ability to capitalise on a powerful ‘people platform’ approach. This is likely the biggest audience marketing innovation in ten years,” Lee Smith, president of Annalect Asia Pacific said.

Smith added that in a market where third party data is lean, this will help “leapfrog months of development in the cookie-driven audience space and get down to business with a profile-specific approach.”

Cheuk Chiang (pictured), CEO, Omnicom Media Group Asia Pacific added this will allow marketers to more effectively target and reach consumers cross device and “clients will enjoy immediate benefits from better targeting, cross device reach, frequency management as well as deeper demography insights across channels.”

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