Generation M: Do you even know who they are?

Ogilvy Noor, part of the WPP's Ogilvy family has launched a book speaking to  Muslim audiences called Generation M: Young Muslims Changing the World.

Written by Ogilvy Noor’s vice president Shelina Janmohamed, the book highlights Ogilvy Noor’s global thought leadership around Muslim consumers. The Islamic economy too is estimated to be worth US$2.6 trillion by 2020, with Islamic finance worth an additional US$2.6 trillion.


The book as such, explores the company’s vision around the notion of engaging with Muslim audiences through building businesses, products and brands that directly engage with them. According to the book, this understanding is vital for businesses and brands as the global Muslim population is expected to increase by 73%.

As one of the 21st century’s most powerful economic forces, Janmohamed explained that the Muslim lifestyle, which spans across all categories from food to travel, to healthcare and more, has resulted in a thriving Islamic economy. This goes hand in hand with a growing consumer concern about the values that brands and businesses are built on and convey.  Understanding “Generation M’s” values is key to engaging with them.

Janmohamed said, “For too long, the faithful, modern, creative, brand conscious tech-savvy Generation M has been overlooked by businesses and brands. Yet, this is one of the world’s most influential and rising economic and social forces. Generation M goes beyond the statistics, to explore what motivates them, their inner aspirations and how they are going to shape our future.”

John Deschner, CEO, Ogilvy & Mather, Malaysia added, “ ‘Generation M’ is undeniably an important, growing segment that the industry must acknowledge, and we stand as the leader to successfully engage with this increasingly prominent and influential commercial force.”