Ocean Park readies to go for frightful fun

Ocean Park has gone from scary to wacky in this year Halloween Fest, widening its target visiting parties to family and tourists.

“Some families even young adults are so scared of Halloween, they dare not to participate even if they want to. This year we are trying a more fun and humorous approach in an attempt to create a festival event of all ages,” Una Lau, public affairs director of Ocean Park, said.

According to Ocean Park, 90% of visitors in last year’s Halloween Bash were local. This year’s event is expecting also tourists and families.

“More and more people look to the Halloween event for both fun elements for the family as well as exciting experiences for the young and brave,” said Vivian Lee, director of marketing at Ocean Park.

“To meet the needs of different guests and visiting parties, we have created multiple zones, from the frightful to fun-tastic.”

In line with the new approach, the viral video is a parody of a classic snippet from the famous Japanese horror movie “Ringu” (a ghost crawling out from a TV), starring Helena Law, a local actress known for her roles in horror movies. Created by Metta Communications, the videos aim to raise awareness for the event and to reach out to a wider target group in a “horrifying yet hilarious” way.

It marks Ocean Park’s first attempt to use viral video as teaser phase since “it is seen as a media with higher effectiveness that surpasses TVc”.

Lau said Ocean Park will continue to focus on online marketing as it is the most cost-effective way to reach out to its additional target customers – tourists and families.

“Apparently tourists have a habit to look for attractions on the internet, but actually more and more people from last generation are starting to get information on internet as well. For sure we won’t ditch traditional marketing for digital marketing but bringing campaigns online is nonetheless inevitable.”

She added that the overall formats and presentations for this year event will see a significant change. More details will be disclosed on September 4.

Watch the video here.

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