Ocean Park paints Instagram neon [GALLERY]

Riding on its new summer event – one that gets visitors spraying each other with water in a neon coloured room Ocean Park embarks on Instagram to prepare for its biggest event of the year: Halloween.

Vivian Lee, marketing director of Ocean Park, said Instagram is not only the company’s first step away from Facebook, but it is also a strategy to make Ocean Park a more photo-friendly place that builds an “emotional bondage” with visitors. 

“For the summer event, we'll have people splashing each other, so that’ll have a lot of photo opportunities for visitors, as is Halloween,” she said, adding that the park is also looking to expand into Line and WeChat.

“We need to learn the behaviour of different social media platforms: right now, Facebook is really the core place to engage our fans. Instagram, which is clearly a more visually driven plane, lets us build a deeper connection to our fans.”

Fans who follow the Ocean Park’s Instagram account will get a discounted admission, while those who tag their photos with the park’s hashtag will get a chance to win tickets to the summer event. 

The campaign was paired by a TVC, some traditional media pushes and a flashmob event this past weekend.

Check out the pushes below:

oceanpark1 oceanpark2 oceanpark315