OCBC launches secure payments via Apple's Siri and iMessage

OCBC Bank customers can now send money to their friends and family by issuing a voice command to Apple’s virtual assistant Siri, and via the iMessage. The Siri and iMessage services for its OCBC Pay Anyone are available to all OCBC Bank customers using iPhone devices running the iOS10 software and the latest OCBC mobile banking app.

OCBC said the payments will be fully secured as they are authenticated by the customer using their mobile banking credentials. The innovations were developed by OCBC Bank’s in-house mobile developer, e-business and its group customer experience teams.

Aditya Gupta, OCBC Bank’s head of e-business Singapore said: “We know that customers now prefer their banking to be embedded in other things they do, rather than having to start their interaction journey from a bank’s platform[...]This is the latest in a series of digital innovations that OCBC Bank has introduced to make day-to-day banking and payments more simple, fast and accessible for customers."

Gupta revealed that the bank has also increased the OCBC Pay Anyone daily transfer limit last month from SG$100 to SG$1,000. Since then, the amount of money being sent via its e-payment service has increased 250% with  average month-on-month transaction growth of about 10% since August 2014.

"We expect e-payments to have a multi-fold increase and will continue to add more payment channels for customers to our suite of digital services,” he added.

The bank said the OCBC Pay Anyone remains the first and only account-to-account mobile payment service offered by any bank in Singapore that does not require the sender to know the recipient’s bank account details in order to make payment.

It also allows customers send money directly to any bank account in Singapore using just the recipient’s mobile number, email address or Facebook account, without having to perform transaction signing using a security token or to add the recipient as a “payee”.