Oath Big Idea Chair Awards 2018

Verizon Media Group/Oath, a division of Verizon today announced the winners of the “Big Idea Chair Awards 2018” (BIC Awards 2018). Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, the awards this year has become a truly APAC regional event with participation from the Singapore, Taiwan and India markets for the first time.

Over the past decade, BIC Awards has been a well-recognised celebration of creativity, imagination and innovation. Honouring marketers’ and advertisers’ extraordinary efforts in creating outstanding digital campaigns with a combination of boundless creativity and cutting-edge technology, 22 awards overall, in 17 Hong Kong categories and five Asia categories, were presented to those at the pinnacle of Asia’s digital and creative community.

“2018 is a significant milestone for us as it marks the 10th consecutive year of BIC Awards. This year, we are delighted to receive over 360 submissions from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and India. These distinguished entries showcase top-notch integration of digital technology and creativity, generating tremendous growth for a wide range of businesses,” said Mr. Rico Chan, vice president and managing director of Oath Hong Kong, Japan and INSEA.

“Over the past 10 years, we have witnessed the gradual evolution of digital creativity driven by mobile technology. Customers are always looking for brand-new experiences in this ever-changing digital age. A successful digital campaign requires not only creative ideas, but also precise and effective engagement. Our powerful combination of data, content and technology helps brands and advertisers maximise their on-target reach by using big data analytics, programmatic buying and audience targeting ad solutions.”

Winning brands and agencies gathered together at the awards ceremony to celebrate their digital marketing successes. The award ceremony was well-attended by 250 prestigious guests and renowned marketers. HUAWEI swept a number of grand awards including the Big Idea Chair Champion outstanding award for Hong Kong and the corresponding merit awards for Asia. ŠKODA Taiwan was honoured with the Big Idea Chair Champion outstanding award for Asia. Bayer Healthcare Limited and HGC Global Communications took away the merit awards for Hong Kong, while Uni-President received corresponding merit award for Asia.

Hang Seng Bank, Wyeth Nutrition and American Express International, Inc have bagged The Perfect 10 Award for Advertiser, while Mindshare Hong Kong and DDB Group Hong Kong received The Perfect 10 Award for Agency, to recognize their persistent excellence in achieving the Big Idea Chair Awards in its history.

“We see rapid development and a huge potential in digital creativity in APAC markets, in addition to the impressive Greater China region. This will be a key driving force for Verizon Media Group/Oath’s (VMG/Oath) future growth in Asia Pacific,” said Ms. Erika Wang, Vice President and Managing Director, Oath Taiwan and China. “VMG/Oath serves more than one billion users worldwide. The enormous data flow allows us to understand the characteristics of different consumers and provides the capability to integrate the right content and facilitate more interactions between customers and brands.”

Originating from Yahoo! Inc., the Big Idea Chair Awards is a leading global event which has travelled around the world, and was successfully launched in Hong Kong in 2009. The Big Idea Chair Awards celebrates all the remarkable advertising campaigns and ideas on Oath in Asia throughout the past year.

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About Oath Big Idea Chair Awards 2018
The Big Idea Chair Awards is a unique proprietary award that recognizes outstanding work that builds brand love and establishes meaningful connections with consumers in the digital arena. This year marks the 10th year of the Big Idea Chair Awards in Asia, submissions were reviewed by a professional judging panel, we continue to honor the most extraordinary creative minds in Asia’s online community by introducing seventeen awards to companies in Hong Kong and five awards to Asia who have held impressive campaigns on Oath and its network.

Verizon Media Group/Oath:
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