ntv7 gets Krappi

Fly FM's duo Phat Fabes and Ben have taken their on-air radio presence to television, with their new comedy talk show, the Phat Fabes and Ben Show, on ntv7.

The show takes inspiration from the duo's ‘Krappi Call' radio show on Fly FM, incorporating similar elements into the Phat Fabes and Ben Show.

On taking Phat Fabes and Ben to TV, ntv7 and 8TV's group general manager Airin Zainul said, "We are confident their creativity and enthusiasm will breathe new air into our programme schedule."

Targeted at urban professionals, the show will feature a variety of segments including guest celebrities performing impromptu challenges in front of a live audience.

The guests include Nadhira, Altimet, Douglas Lim, Deborah Henry, Aishah Sinclair, Rina Omar, Hafiz Hatim, Nadine Ann Thomas and many more.

The show will also see the duo roaming the streets of KL to aggravate passesr-by by performing random pranks, in the ‘Fabes and Ben in The Real World' segment.

Other segments include Phat Fabes competing with Ben in various challenges and social experiments such as drinking a glass of concoction that comprises of curry powder, condensed milk and other unthinkable ingredients to be put in a mix for a drink, to accumulate points.

The show will be aired on ntv7 from 22 May, every Wednesday at 9.00pm.

The adaptation of radio shows into on-screen performances is not a new occurrence.

The ever cynical Ricky Gervais and his The Ricky Gervais Show was one that started as a radio show in the early 2000s to become an animated series on HBO.

Then there's the unforgettable War of the Worlds, which went from a novel, to radio and finally screen adaptation.