NTUC Income's "fearless" ad taps into childhood bravery

NTUC’s Income insurance brand has launched a new spot which uses the examples of childhood fearlessness to showcase how the brand can help its customers have less fears in life. The series of films was directed by local filmmaker Royston Tan, and looks to take a trip down memory lane.

The spots looks to showcase that with the proper financial planning for protection and savings, consumers and viewers would be able to . The campaign runs on out-of-home, social and digital mediums. The spot follows Income’s “People. First” campaign and looks to also showcase the insurer’s beliefs as a social enterprise.

Since its posting on Facebook last week, the first instalment of the spot has garnered 354,317 views, over 1,400 reactions and 341 shares at the time of writing.

“Our sense of fearlessness diminishes as we take on more responsibilities and live through different experiences as an adult. The campaign taps this insight and bring to fore the notion that with insurance, one can readily fear less and enjoy better peace of mind,” Marcus Chew, CMO, Income, said.

“During filming, we dared each other to jump off from the top of a flight of stairs. Not surprising that none of us did it! But this campaign is not about asking ourselves to try those things and be fearless again. It’s about reminding ourselves of how fearless we once were, and how we can live life with more certainty and less fear,” Janson Choo, CD, BBH Singapore, said.