NTUC Income taps on to Mr Kiasu's return to tout the importance of insurance

NTUC's Income has created a comic strip featuring "Mr Kiasu", in a bid to educate people about the importance of insurance. The move comes on the back of the local comic icon's return last year, after an 18-year hiatus. Mr Kiasu is also a character that hits home and looks to instil a strong local presence to connect with its audience, the statement said.

As such, the character and story aim to reflect the idea of people afraid of losing to highlight the importance of having insurance and financial planning. This objective was similar to Income’s 2018 brand campaign, "Fear Less". Two out of four comic strips have been launched, promoting different plans by Income.

"Income is constantly on the prowl for ways to disrupt the insurance landscape. In an industry that is known for being overly technical, it’s a challenge to continually deliver content that people will want to consume. We found humour to be an effective tool in bridging this," chief marketing officer, Income, Marcus Chew said.

"As marketers, it is critical for us to push the boundaries and experiment with new initiatives. The digital sphere has proven to be an apt space for this and GERMS shares the same vision," he added.

"GERMS is always on the lookout for creative collaborations that are mutually beneficial to the brands involved. In this case, the proudly local insurer, Income, and a beloved local institution, Mr Kiasu. We want to create stories that people will have an emotional connection with, and thereby remember for years to come. Working with Income and Mr Kiasu gave us this opportunity, stirring up nostalgia amongst Singaporeans and finding an entertaining way to communicate key messages," Francis Tan, creative director, GERMS said.

Tan added that the comic strip first identified the real concerns and needs of people and determining solutions in the form of insurance and developing a “funny” yet real stories. The collaboration also aims to maximise the use of social media by featuring Mr Kiasu on both paper and digital. ROI will also come in the form of increased engagement on Income’s Facebook page and better overall affinity with its brand.

Check out the latest comic strip here: