NTUC Income refreshes tagline to suit changing consumer needs

To serve the changing needs of consumers, NTUC Income (Income) is evolving its tagline from an insurer "Made Different" to a company that is "Made Yours", taking a personal approach to financial planning and designing products, services and customer experiences that are suited to every individual. Prior to this change, Income had been using the tagline "Made Different" for approximately 12 years. 

Along with the change in the tagline, the brand will be running an integrated brand campaign, led by a two-minute film, which celebrates the distinct experiences and life journey of every person. It features a nano-drone shot that flies through a housing complex capturing unique moments in different homes in a single take. The film demonstrates how diverse Singaporeans’ lives are despite living side by side, and how no two moments are experienced the same way, just as how no two Singaporeans’ financial needs are the same. The film is done in collaboration with BBH Singapore.

In a statement to MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, Janson Choo, group creative director, BBH Singapore, said the film will be launched on free-to-air TV, Singtel TV and in cinemas, and supported by social and digital channels. The agency has also developed four key visuals that have been adapted to out-of-home (OOH) ads on platform such as taxis, digital platforms, as well as in-branch marketing materials at Income. Choo added that the tagline refresh has been in the works since September 2020. 

Marcus Chew, CMO, Income, said: “Our customers are becoming more diverse and have more complex needs than before. They are also becoming more discerning. A study by Ernst and Young showed that 40% of customers decide whether to stay with an insurer based on the quality of their customer experience with them. So it was time for our approach to financial planning to evolve as well."

He added that "Made Yours" is our promise to be empathetic and inclusive while empowering better financial well-being amongst our customers. “We are investing in the data, technology and people needed for us to better understand and anticipate our customers' needs so that our customers can make the best possible financial decisions for themselves, at the right points in time,” Chew said.

Janson Choo, group creative director, BBH Singapore, added: “It has been rather emotional closing the ‘Made Different’ era as we launch the next brand phase of Income. 'Made Yours' will continue to champion Income's DNA of being the people's insurer while evolving with the times to reflect modern-day needs that are only going to get more diverse.”  has reached out to Income and BBH for additional information.

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