NTUC Income gets youths to meet their "future selves"

NTUC Income is working with BBH Asia Pacific to launch a brand campaign challenging Singaporeans to be ‘future ready’ before they meet their future ‘older selves’ and realise that they have not prepared themselves for old age.

The integrated campaign -‘Future You’ - features creative work telling the story of young people who meet their future selves in both good and bad scenarios, and receive a reaction depending on how well they have planned for their future.

The campaign rides on the back of a recent survey conducted by Nielsen with young adults in Singapore between the ages of 18 to 29. The survey revealed an overwhelming pessimism about financial preparation and retirement needs. The survey found that eight out of ten youth in Singapore are not confident about their current financial situation, while nine out of ten feel they are not financially ready for the future. The survey, which was commissioned by NTUC Income, covered more than 1,000 youth.

Marcus Chew, vice president of marketing at NTUC Income said:“The reluctance of youth to think about financial planning is why NTUC Income feels the need to address such an important issue. We want to ensure Singapore’s young adults have all the help they need to future proof themselves.”

Check out the ads:



“It’s not necessarily easy to engage youth on the subject of saving and financial planning. But we felt that a punchy idea like this has great potential for cut through. There's nothing so scary as meeting your future self!” Jonathan Kang, account director, BBH Asia Pacific.


Chairman: Charles Wigley

Executive Creative Director: Scott McClelland

Creative Director: Peter Callaghan

Senior Art Director: Janson Choo

Senior Writer: Khairul Mondzi

Account Planner: Thomas Wagner

Account Director: Jonathan Kang

Account Executive: Cheryl Cheong

Head of Print: Brell Chen

TV Producer: Vinda Karunan

Director: Dogboy

TV Production House: LAVA

Photographer: Yang Tan

Print Production House: Purple Lab