NTUC Income creates platform to connect customers and agents

NTUC Income has launched Adviser Connect, a platform that allows the public to interact online with a financial planner of their choice.

Adviser Connect aims to provide the public with greater access to financial advice from qualified consultants.

It is a platform where an individual can choose their financial planner based on his or her profile, and initiate a conversation online. This is all done without sharing the individual’s contact details to retain their anonymity. The individual gets to decide if they want to meet the consultant in person.

According to Andrew Yeo, executive vice president, Life Insurance, NTUC Income, the launch of Adviser Connect is part of NTUC Income’s efforts to enhance the insurer’s outreach to the public.

Marcus Chew, senior vice president, strategic marketing & communications of NTUC Income: “Some people shun insurance agents because they are wary of the perceived ‘hard sell’ tactics employed by them. Adviser Connect ensures that everyone can find a financial planner they can connect with for financial advice. They can do so in a safe environment where they can choose not to reveal their identity.”

Yeo said: “The onus is, therefore, on our financial planners to uphold the highest level of integrity even when they are entertaining seemingly general queries.”

Chew said, “The Campaign reiterates NTUC Income’s ‘Made Different’ philosophy." He added, “Our financial planners are an extension of this philosophy, which we would like to emphasise through the campaign.”