NTUC Income creates on-road rescue team

In a bold move to differentiate itself from the competition, NTUC Income will invest SG$4 million a year to create a band of trained motorcyclists to help motorists in daily accidents.

Called "Orange Force", 30 Piaggio riding motorcyclists clad in orange and armed with the latest tech gizmos such as special GPS tracking systems, Sony digital cameras and Samsung Galaxy tablets to relay information about the policy holder will roam around Singapore to help motorists in accidents.

An ad campaign will also launch on 20 October running until January next year on print, radio, bus stops and online platforms, created by BBH Asia Pacific.

SG$1.1 million will go to spending on the bikes and gizmos.

The motorcyclists will bandage wounds, ring up next-of-kin or tow trucks and help start up motorists' claims process, local media reports said.

The motorists will also be able to help anyone regardless of their policies, though priority will be given to NTUC Income's private car policyholders. The riders will come in response to calls to NTUC Income's hotline but will also be patrolling local roads. The riders will be contracted on a three-year basis.

The team will have undergone three months of intensive training, including defensive riding, advanced customer engagement courses, first aid, conflict management techniques and insurance knowledge.

Pilot runs for the Orange Force started since mid August.

NTUC Income's CEO Tan Suee Chieh said: "When a customer gets involved in an accident, they are often not sure what to do. NTUC Income's Orange Force team is designed to do everything necessary to help distressed customers at the scene of the accident. This is one of our strategies to provide unprecedented service to our customers."