NTUC FairPrice ramps up communication initiatives to counter false rice rumour

Almost two weeks ago, news emerged that NTUC FairPrice was filing a police report over online rumours that its house brand jasmine fragrant rice is made of plastic. The supermarket chain said that it has since passed safety checks and as such, this false information should no longer be circulated online.

In a conversation with Marketing, Jonas Kor, director, corporate communications, NTUC FairPrice said the company said that since the circulation of the false information, a handful of customers requested for refunds. However, sales of FairPrice housebrand jasmine fragrant rice was not significantly affected, largely due to communications efforts informing customers of the false information.

Kor said NTUC Fairprice has already utilised various communication channels including social media and mainstream media platforms to dispel the “malicious false information” and advises the public to refrain from further circulating the rumour to avoid unnecessary public alarm. Notices were also put up at all FairPrice stores and a police report has since been filed.

“We take the opportunity also to remind the public to be mindful of information spread on social media and online platforms, and encourage all to verify information directly with us when in doubt. For clarifications, consumers may contact us directly at our customer relations hotline, e-mail or post a comment on our Facebook Page,” he said.