NTUC Enterprise and NTUC FairPrice pick branding and creative agency

NTUC Enterprise and NTUC FairPrice have both appointed TBWA\Group Singapore as its branding and creative partner.

Lynette Ang, chief brand and communications officer of NTUC Enterprise said TBWA will be tasked to build the NTUC Social Enterprises’ brand proposition.

NTUC Enterprise was set up in July 2012 by the Labour Movement and is the holding cooperative of NTUC Social Enterprises such as NTUC FairPrice, NTUC Food Fare, NTUC Income, NTUC Health, NTUC First Campus, NTUC Learning Hub and NTUC Link.

Meanwhile, NTUC FairPrice will partner with TBWA\Group Singapore to further enhance its outreach and strategic communication efforts in creating a greater social impact for Singapore, especially in an increasingly segmented market. Earlier this month, NTUC FairPrice moved its creative account to ADK from Havas Worldwide.

When asked how NTUC FairPrice will be splitting the duties between ADK and TBWA, Christina Lim, director, brand and marketing for NTUC FairPrice told Marketing, "TBWA will assist FairPrice in creating greater awareness and understanding of the corporate brand and social mission. ADK was separately appointed earlier to provide a different but complementing communication service with a focus on our retail marketing efforts."

"The end objective is about bringing greater value to customers," she said.

"NTUC FairPrice takes a proactive approach in interacting and engaging with  customers and diverse stakeholders. We develop various creative on-going communication strategies and will work with appropriate agencies where necessary. We partner these agencies based on their specialisation and strength in adding value to our communication objectives towards reaching out effectively to a segmented market and diverse audience."

Ara Hampartsoumian, managing director of TBWA\Group Singapore, said, “We’re honoured to be working with these two iconic Singaporean brands with their dedication to social purpose as they continue to meet the needs of working families in the country.”