The North Face unveils ‘The Next Explorer’

The North Face has released a campaign for the China market which features the clothing brands global athlete, Jimmy Chin.

Entitled ‘The Next Explorer,’ the campaign ventures beyond The North Face’s traditional industry leading product communications and features The North Face global athlete, Jimmy Chin.

The result aims to reveal that there is an explorer in us all and asks of its audience, what the brand really means to them, concentrating on the aspects of human adventure.

Jimmy Chin’s story is integral to the campaign as his parents followed a more conventional Chinese lifestyle whereas he followed his true passion as an explorer.

Aaron Carpenter, VP global marketing at The North Face, said humans have always been driven by curiosity and fed by an innate need to explore.

“There is an allure in the pursuit of the unknown. Our thirst for exploration and the outdoors fuels the thinking behind this campaign and thankfully we’ve never veered away from this inspiration. Never Stop Exploring is as prevalent today as it was when we built our first tent.”

Neville Lin, Asia Pacific marketing director at The North Face, said the aim was to help unleash the explorer in every Chinese person.

“What makes the ‘never stop exploring’ spirit resonate especially in the hearts of the Chinese people is the true and passionate emotion that exudes from the attitude and stories of explorers such as Jimmy, Sun Bin, Gu Yue and many more.

“To us, exploration is more than being out in the wild. It is discovering and celebrating the unknown every day! It is the joy of living like a curious kid every day! It is a journey that never stops inspiring us every day.”

Andrew Price, global chief creative officer at Factory Design Labs, the agency behind the campaign, said the idea behind the campaign was to move The North Face from product messaging to the experience of “exploring your world”.

Campaign credits:

Managing Director: Sook Ping Chow
Creative Director: Kelvin Leong
Planning Director: Jolin Guan
Account Director: Darrell Chang
Account Manager: Cindy Shen

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