Nokia stresses the importance of real face-time in new CNY ad

While most families will be reuniting over the Chinese New Year, some people will continue to work throughout the holidays - and it's these people that Nokia wants to put in the limelight for its latest campaign.

The film features Yun, a young actor starring in a period drama who is required to shoot a war scene during CNY, which would normally mean giving up family time. He tries to be there in spirit at least, by attending dinner via video call - but it's clear he misses his family.

After discovering that he had left his favorite winter coat at home, his mother surprises him on set with a home-cooked meal, his favorite coat and most importantly, the gift of her presence during Chinese New Year.

“We wanted to shed light on the realities facing modern Chinese families today. Smaller families, with many working hard and often through the holidays, and reunions no longer just centered around the parents’ home," Nicholas Ye, executive creative director of TSLA, said.

“The best gift you can give to the people you love is time – this is something we really wanted to convey through the film. Although technology can connect people across distance, there is no substitute for genuine moments of human unity. We wanted to remind people of that this Chinese New Year season,” Anastasia Orkina, global marketing director, B2C (Nokia phones), HMD Global, said.