Nokia brands itself as an explorer

Nokia is debuting two phones soon and to steer the attention away from Apple and Samsung, it has partnered with TVB travel-host Tony Hung to launch a YouTube series, Exploring the City.

Launched at the end of June, the series sees the host navigating Hong Kong island’s reclusive areas while flaunting the phone’s new functions and rebrand itself as a label that is adventurous and out of the ordinary.

The campaign of five episodes and a Facebook micro-site ends with a video submission competition.

Since its debut, the first episode garnered more than 18,000 views.

“Tony Hung’s traveller image really matches the campaign theme,” said Bernie Wong digital director of Agenda, the agency in charge of the campaign.

“We’ve also ensured the interactive element was in the campaign: the emotional approach is highly involved because we actually get the fans to explore the city with Tony and express how they feel as well.”

Stay tuned for a full interview with Nokia’s APAC head of marketing next week.