Nippon Paint teaches consumers to 'energise' their homes this Lunar New Year

Nippon Paint Malaysia Group has collaborated with feng shui consultant Joey Yap to help inspire homeowners to take charge of the wellness of their homes this Lunar New Year, with easy-to-follow feng shui ideas and inspirations.

A series of 60-second videos in six episodes will be made available to the public, focusing on wealth, health, relationships, welcoming the God of Wealth, attracting noblemen and top energy areas in the home. The first video was released on 1 January, unveiling simple strategies to attract the energy of Wealth and Good Fortune into consumers' homes.

In addition to the six videos, Nippon Paint and Dato’ Joey Yap are also releasing the Prosperity and Success Guide in 2019 with tips on attracting positive Qi and makeover ideas for the home.

Gladys Goh, group general manager of Nippon Paint Malaysia Group, said, "we are hopeful that homeowners are then inspired to be adventurous and explore vibrant colours that can truly create a different ambience for the home across a wide range of surfaces that homeowners are looking to paint during this coming festive season."

Meanwhile, Yap added, “Through this collaboration with Nippon Paint, we want to demonstrate that feng shui doesn’t have to be a complicated process. In fact, an easy way to kick start the process is by understanding simple concepts and taking simple steps to turn potential negative vibes into positive ones.”