Nintendo 'quietly' announces new hybrid console [Video]

Nintendo has announced the 'Switch' console. Much like the name implies, the video game console is a hybrid between a tablet-like portable and a home console that connects to the TV.

A mere six months before the slated release in March 2017, Nintendo finally broke the silence with some social media information shared only hours before the reveal trailer. The company then simply shared the trailer through its channels (without any advertising), and presumably sat back to enjoy the show.

And a show it was; the trailer was watched more than 17 million times over the weekend on YouTube alone, with an additional seven million views on Facebook, and its announcement post on Facebook was shared more than 100k times over just three days.

The video shows a young man sitting in the dark, playing the latest installment in the Legend of Zelda series in HD. So far so good, Nintendo is showcasing the new console. However, when his dog starts barking, he casually walks up to the TV stand, dissembles his controller, attaches the two separate parts to the console and picks it up to take this tablet-like console on the go, and continues playing his game outside. The rest of the video showcases the new console in a variety of settings, with a strong focus on portability and playing with friends.

This new approach to gaming - and the featuring of young adults and adults playing on the gaming machine in very 'mature' settings, such as in parks and at a mate's house - highlights that Nintendo is trying to shake the image that its products are for children. Instead, it's focusing on the exact demographic that made Pokemon Go such a phenomenon earlier this year; Nintendo knows the kids that loved Nintendo in the 90s are now fully fledged grown-ups, and its marketing strategy reflects that.

Moreover, the company has clearly decided to move away from the Wii branding, a primary reason undoubtedly being the abysmal sales of the Wii U, and a lot of confusion when the Wii U launched over whether this was a new console or simply an add-on to the original Wii.