Nike China takes a fresh look at it classic tagline ‘Just Do It’

Leveraging the energy and conversations surrounding China’s performance at the Rio Olympics, Nike China unleashed “The Next Wave” – an anthem film to kick off “Just Do It” campaign in China.

Created by Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai, the idea isn't about telling the next generation of Chinese youth what to do, but celebrating the irreverence, spontaneity, positivity, and potential.

The film takes viewers on a nonstop journey from a small trickle to an unstoppable wave made up of the next-generation of Chinese athletes. The commercial sees a few familiar faces and voices along the way, like Liu Xiang (retired national hurdler), Li Na (retired national tennis player), Mr Sun (senior marathon runner) and Selina (Encouraging singer from Taiwan).

"We named the film ‘The Next Wave (后浪)’ because it’s the perfect metaphor for the youthfulness, optimism and infectious energy of the new generation that’s coming at you at a thousand miles an hour,” said Terence Leong, creative director at W+K Shanghai.

"Growing up in China, I was surrounded by people who simply used the English words “Just Do It" as a punchline without knowing what it really means. It’s great that in this campaign, the provocative voice-over lines help to define what it is, by saying what it isn’t,” added Dino Xu, business director at W+K Shanghai.

The rest of the campaign will include short film content, billboards, on-the-ground activations, and some digital engagement surprises to inspire the new generation not to overthink it, but “Just Do It.”

Client Name: Nike China
Campaign Name: 2016 Nike JDI campaign
Main Anthem: ‘’The Next Wave’’
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai
Executive Creative Director: Yang Yeo
Creative Director: Terence Leong, Azsa West, Shaun Sundholm
Art Directors: Christian Laniosz, Marc Garreta
Copywriters: TJ Walthall, Liu Wei, Max Pilwat
Business Director: Dino Xu
Director: Martin Krejci
Production Company: Stink Films Shanghai