Nike China quite literally makes 'world go round'

Last Saturday, Shanghai witnessed a person running on top of a 50 meter tall giant spinning globe. His run made the 'world go round' to support Nike's latest campaign.

The stunt “Running makes the world go round” marked the launch of Nike’s new running campaign “Choose Go” and introduced Nike Epic React to a wider audience in China.

To create the illusion, Nike China and creative partner Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai hijacked the globe-shaped Metro City building in downtown Shanghai and built a 5 meter tall invisible screen on top to project runners who were actually running on a treadmill across the street in real time. The speed of the earth’s rotation was connected to the speed of the runners on the treadmill so people could see how their run affected the rotation of the earth.

Nike invited local celebrities and athletes to participate like Su Bingtian ‘the fastest man in China’ who broke the Asian sprint record three times in two months and Edison Chen who pioneered street fashion in China. Their names were projected onto the spinning globe as they ran: “Su Bingtian makes the world go round”, “Edison Chen makes the world go round” etc.

The event sparked national interest as TV channels covered the story live and the event was live streamed to millions of fans on social channels. In less than two hours the event was viewed by more than 2 million people online and over 2.7 million in one day.