NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network expands into Asia

NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network (CPN) has expanded its business globally into Asia, offering partners access to global datasets. 

Partners of CPN are provided with streamlined access to industry-leading data, enabling them to enhance their own solutions. The latest expansion also enables NielsenIQ to grow by way of the number of member companies as it recently surpassed 100 partners. 

“The NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network is not only core to the success and growth of NielsenIQ, but also to the consumer packaged goods industry as a whole,” said Justin Sargent, president, retail intelligence, Asia, NielsenIQ.

“With almost 60% of the world population, strategically positioned for growth and a hotbed of innovation, Asia is an obvious choice to expand our partner network. Asia’s large, tech-savvy population is fuelling growth in its digital economies," Sargent added.

In a recent survey conducted by by the NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network team, 83% of partners said the network had helped them create a stronger yet better offering for their clients, while over 90% of partners said they had been able to identify new opportunities due to the network.

NielsenIQ clients can also benefit from this expansion as they can work directly with any of the partners who specialise across a broad range of areas including demand planning, data harmonisation, machine learning, and AI-driven promotion, to name a few.

With the NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network, both clients and partners work with a common dataset, enabling them to easily bridge insights and save time on figuring out who to work with, how to get data to who they decide to work with, and how to make sense of disparate data sources.

“One of the things we love most about the network is its openness, enabling us to freely and easily collaborate with NielsenIQ, our clients and other partners in the network. The opportunity to scale that collaboration globally will open more avenues to enter new markets, expand our client base, increase the depth and breadth of our engagements, and drive our solution and product enhancements," said Satish Raman, chief strategy officer of Fractal Analytics.

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