Nielsen Malaysia launches SmartStore to measure shopper behaviour

Nielsen has launched an "immersive reality" shopper solution, called Nielsen SmartStore, which helps retailers and manufacturers to better understand shopper behaviour and measure shoppers' reactions. With this solution, Nielsen claims Malaysian retailers and manufacturers can measure, evaluate and optimise a range of retail concepts on sales and shopper metrics.

The SmartStore was designed to transform how the industry conducts shopper research and immersive store testing within a virtual environment eliminates the risk of trial-and-error execution. This also allows companies to set-up aisles and point-of-sale materials before implementing physical changes in stores. In addition, the solution aims to give Nielsen’s clients the flexibility to test future scenarios, without disrupting the store’s operations.

It also helps advertisers measure the effectiveness of point-of-sale merchandise based on what shoppers “see, think and do”.
Meanwhile, media agencies can test the various marketing messages which resonates with consumers in different test environments and look to uplift the brand.

Dolly Jitani, Nielsen global shopper leader, said this solution has been put together using the latest gamification and virtual reality technology. It is also adapted to create a unique, fully immersive shopper research and merchandising solution.

“We have partnered with our clients through our SmartStore development process in pilot projects over the last several months to make sure it meets their needs as we bring SmartStore to life. We are excited with this week’s launch in Malaysia and initial feedback shows that this market is ready to access greater insights into shopper behaviours at the moment of truth and to build collaborative partnerships between retailers and manufacturers in Malaysia,” she added.

Anil Antony, executive director of consumer insights, Nielsen Malaysia said that the challenging market environment has spurred changes to consumer shopping mindset and behaviour. With shoppers increasingly rationalising their spend, he added that in-store execution and shopper activation take centre stage.

"It is essential that brands understand in-store shopper behaviour and their priorities in order to attract shoppers with the right offering. The introduction of Nielsen SmartStore is a cutting edge solution, enabling our clients to project results close to reality and plan for what’s next in order to win in the marketplace," Antony said.