Nielsen adds new toolkit to help retailers uncover 'What's Next'

Nielsen has added a new product solution to its Shopper toolkit - a creative and unique solution for retailers and manufacturers globally, helping them get closer to shopper behaviour at the moment of truth and uncover What's Next.

The solution helps retailers measure, evaluate and optimise a range of retail concepts on sales and profit, based on how target shoppers react at the moment of truth, in any store format. It helps measure the effectiveness of Point of sale merchandise (POSM) based on what shoppers “See, Think and Do”.

SMARTSTORE is designed to transform how the industry conducts shopper research today by creating a remarkably realistic and immersive simulation of a 3D, 360 total store environment.  Testing in a virtual environment eliminates the unnecessary risk of trial-and-error execution because things can be perfected thus providing retailers with cost, time and flexibility.

Sue Temple, executive director, Nielsen Shopper said, “This solution has been put together using the latest virtual reality technology available and adapting it to create a unique, fully immersive shopper research and merchandising solution.”

"We have partnered with our clients through our SMARTSTORE development process in pilot projects over the last several months to make sure it meets their needs as we bring SMARTSTORE to life. We are excited with today’s launch and hope this would drive greater insights into shopper behaviours at the moment of truth and build collaborative partnership between retailers and manufacturers in Singapore,” she said.

“Nielsen Singapore team is building an innovation hotspot where our diverse ecosystem of clients and other stakeholders such as start-ups can collaborate with us and try out the latest capabilities in the wider field of consumer research. As a testimony to our innovation capabilities, we are globally launching SMARTSTORE in Singapore and are very proud of that,” Johan Vrancken, managing director, Nielsen Singapore said.

SMARTSTORE builds a live environment, creating multiple scenarios helping in comprehensive analytics of shopper’s experience (track shopper head, eye and feet movements, 3D heat maps, etc). This also drives affordable research costs for retailers through the “Attention, Appeal, Action” framework thus building confidence in commercial results and measurable ROI on research investment.