Brand New Media’s Nick Fawbert launches digital transformation consultancy

Brand New Media (BNM) Global's group head of knowledge, Nick Fawbert, has left the company to launch a digital transformation consultancy, called Mutiny.

Mutiny is a consultancy business for the Asia marketplace specialising in business transformation through digital marketing. Its offers bespoke program development to support the creation of long term digital marketing strategies, business structures that support them, and the delivery of skills and talent development through workshop and e-learning programmes.

When reached out by Marketing, he highlighted the challenges involved in setting up the consultancy in Asia and said, "The primary role is to create transferable knowledge and processes that will continue to deliver long term benefits. For that, we need to demystify some of the more arcane digital practices, and provide a way to make things simple. Sometimes making things simple is the most difficult thing to do."

Previously, during his tenure at BNM, he was responsible for content marketing education programmes and initiatives, partnerships with clients, agencies and regional industry bodies such as the Singapore Media Development Authority.

Prior to this, he was the managing director for Asia in the company. According to Fawbert's Linkedin profile, he was responsible for end-to-end content marketing services and helped build and operate IPTV channels and all key operational elements such as insights, strategy, tech platform, content curation, marketing, monetisation and real time analytics to optimise performance.

Fawbert also told Marketing that he will remain on the board of directors at Asia Content Marketing Association.

Brand New Media's Founder and CEO Damien Bray told Marketing, “There will no longer be a head of knowledge role at BNM.

"Joanne de Rozario was promoted to Managing Director in January 2016. Since then, she has worked alongside me and has been successful in taking BNM Singapore and Philippines to greater heights. This resulted in an investment by Singapore Press Holdings in April 2016, combining SPH’s network of media assets and customer reach with BNM’s proven ability as a pioneer in Singapore’s content marketing space specialising in video-led content marketing and responsive advertising,” he added.

On The Creator Collective, Bray said this is an on-going programme for budding content creators in Singapore that will continue to be run and improved on by the existing BNM Singapore team, who played key roles in supporting the previous initiative.

“We remain thankful for Fawbert’s initiatives and support provided to BNM during his tenure here. We wish him the very best in his latest venture,” Bray added.