NGO goes social in low-carbon campaign

International NGO The Climate Group launched a year-long campaign to promote low-carbon usage through community engagement events and social media.

Within the push – dubbed the Micro Carbon Operation – is a photo blogging contest during which participants can capture and share their low carbon moments on Facebook based on a particular theme.

Every month, the photo that best captures the “micro carbon” elements will be displayed at the Hong Kong International Airport; they will also enter a final contest which will be judged by a panel headed by local artist Stanley Wong.

The blogger with the most liked photo of each month will also receive an award.

Sponsored by the Hong Kong Airport Authority Environmental Fund and supported by HKSAR Environment Bureau, Hong Kong Observatory and more than 25 environmental and civic groups, the competition officially begins in February.

Alongside the contest is the Micro Carbon Operation – a series of workshops that aims to inspire people to adapt low-carbon usage in daily life routines; a “micro-carbon” meadow music concert; as well as micro-films and tips on how to live an environmentally-friendly life.

“We tend to share more and more of our views and thoughts through online platforms. Against the backdrop of a new era of social media, Micro Carbon Operation will ride on these powerful networks to promote the essence of ‘micro carbon’ living,” said Kalmond Ma, The Climate Group’s deputy director of strategic partnership in Greater China.

“Participants are encouraged to share their original thinking with others through a life-upon-life approach. Through a series of highly engaging and experiential events, we hope to hit the passion of Hong Kong people and nurture the low carbon living culture in the community.”

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