A new shopper marketing agency hits Malaysia

A new specialist shopper marketing agency called Newton-The Activation Company (TAC) has launched. Currently, Newton’s main clients include the likes of Dutch Lady, Colgate Palmolive, and Munchy’s Biscuits.

Founded by Mahesh Neelakantan, CEO of Newton TAC and COO of Advocacy Malaysia, the agency claims that it will specialise in offering “intelligent activation and shopper marketing along with various other unconventional” marketing methods.

In a conversation with A+M, Neelakantan said that he currently leads a team of 14 and his role is more of a mentor and advisor. A key priority for him would still be his role at Advocacy Malaysia. Meanwhile leading the day to day operations at Newton is Nadia Alhabshi, who is business director of the agency. The agency sees itself as a competitor to the likes of Geometry Global and Arc Worldwide.

Prior to its launch, Newton TAC operated under Advocacy Malaysia, since September 2013. However, the agency felt there was a need to launch Newton TAC now as the market was ready for an entrepreneurial approach to creativity  and wanted to “help brands thrive and stand out in today’s environment.” With the new model, Neelakantan explained while Newton will be aiding Advocacy with clients interested in shopper marketing, it would also be pitching for its own clients and has its own P&L.

He added the agency also wanted to separate from the core offering of Advocacy Malaysia – which is Word of Mouth, social CRM & gamification. With the launch of Newton TAC– both Advocacy Malaysia and Newton TAC will be able to focus on their core offerings and look to scale and grow both in size and geographical footprint.

“We believe the right action can trigger the desired reaction from the consumer,” said Neelakantan, adding that what makes Newton TAC unique is its approach of “Idea-Preneurs”.

“We want to be an agency known for ideas and importantly make these ideas happen, hence the term ‘idea-preneurs’. Idea is what we do and making them happen is our entrepreneurial spirit and ‘start-up’ approach. We are happy to come up with ideas, conceptualise them and pitch it to clients. Clients can avail of two options – buy the idea and execute it via their existing agencies or engage us to execute it for them” said Neelakantan.

Currently, the plan for the agency is to focus on the Malaysia market and expand into markets where their clients express interest in.


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