New season of Asia's Next Top Model boasts 'chart-topping' viewership

Following the return of its sixth cycle, FOX Networks Group (FNG)’s reality TV series Asia’s Next Top Model (AsNTM) has seen its “highest rated debut” in Singapore. This is with a “stellar response” from Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, the group said in a statement.

According to FNG, Singapore’s viewership numbers were 68% higher than last year’s. Meanwhile, Malaysia saw an uplift of 70% for FOX Life channel ratings during the season premiere, compared to the year-to-date same timeslot average. There was no data for Indonesia, the group said.

FNG added that there were also “unprecedented levels of social engagement” recorded, with the show’s Facebook page experiencing an interaction rate 155% on the premiere day, above the previous season’s debut.

On Instagram, AsNTM reached 300,000 followers and achieved a page reach of 1.1 million following the debut episode. On the show’s YouTube channel, the debut episode nabbed 1.3 million views and 25 million minutes of watch time in the first four days online. This represented a three-fold increase over last year’s premiere.

Engaging the show’s sponsors

Some brand partners which came on board this year include regional sponsor and official automobile partner Subaru, official Singapore skincare partner ést.lab by ESTETICA and Huawei, the official smartphone partner in Philippines.

In a statement to Marketing, Lim Ker-Han, director of ESTETICA, said that the partnership with AsNTM allowed the brand to have a dialogue with the show’s fan base and social media following. This was regarding topics which resonated with them which further enhanced the partnership. For the partnership, bespoke content was created to put the skincare brand at the heart of the competition.

“With the synergistic blend of glamour, fashion and beauty, AsNTM provides unparalleled access for consumers to glimpse the ‘high life’ of models through the lenses of reality TV, and we are proud to have been an intrinsic part of the models’ beauty regime throughout the season,” Lim said.

Dean Dezius, VP of entertainment channels, FOX Life & FOX, at FOX Networks Group Asia, added that the partnership is an example of how top-quality content and trusted influencer voices are “redefining the future of advertising”.  He added:

While increase in viewership is very much a reason to advertise on linear channels, it is important to note that the delivery has to be done right.

“We believe that viewers are made up of complex individuals. They live multifaceted lives and the media they consume is wide and varied. Multiple conversations, in different environments, across a variety of activities, are needed to build true brand affinity,” he said.

As such, brands must speak to consumers not just through video ads, but also across linear channels, through integrations within TV series, sports, entertainment, at on-the-ground events, and more. Dezius added that consumers are seeing approximately thousands of marketing messages per day, so only the best, most engaging and most relevant content has any chance of grabbing their attention and inciting action.

“If the delivery of the ad isn’t telling a compelling story, the consumer will simply keep scrolling, or click the button on the remote. The delivery of the ad and its content must be of top quality production; from script, to editing, to final touches such as subtitles,” he explained.

On bucking the trend of declining tradition TV viewership

When asked about what the show did to counter the trend of declining viewership on traditional TV, Dezius explained that for this cycle, the group continued to “up the drama and excitement with even more twists and turns”. This is to give viewers a more captivating glimpse into the star-studded world of fashion and modelling.

The show is also connecting with fans online and across social media and digital platforms, including FOX+, the group’s video-streaming service. This gave fans more avenues to keep up with what was happening on the show.

“The fantastic response of consumers to the premiere on social media demonstrates that wherever Asia’s Next Top Model content is, fans will find it!” he added.

As for carrying on the momentum for the rest of the season, Dezius said that FNG Asia is confident that its “diverse and compelling” cast will continue to draw viewers into the competition.